1 in 68 has an autism spectrum disorder

35% of young adults with ASD have not had a job or continuing education since graduating high school

Only 40% of ASD students spend more than 80% or more of their school day in a general-ed classroom

Our Purpose

While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ensures that students with cognitive disabilities have access to free public education, our public schools are not always able to integrate these children with their peers in general-education classrooms. This integration has long been seen as vital to the success of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD); by interacting with abled peers at an early age, those with mild impairments are able to learn social cues that they’ll utilize in jobs and relationships for the rest of their lives. Kids in Special Situations (KISS) is here to fill the gap left in the public school system and provide an integrative platform for elementary-age students with ASD so that they can develop effective communication skills and thrive in school and beyond.

While we initially began with the intention of servicing the Central Florida ASD community, the general scarcity of similar integrative platforms has become a much more pressing problem. Our vision is a country in which every child with a cognitive disability is given an equal opportunity to form lasting relationships with his or her peers. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to make this a reality.